Kyle Turman

Director of Product Design

Enough with the Confetti: How to design delight by infusing your product with brand attributes rather than a sprinkle of magic pixie dust.

Case Study Conference Speaker
Workshop Instructor
April 27, 2023

Few words get passed around more often than “delight” when talking about how to build products that people love.

Yet the word delight often is misconstrued or poorly defined that teams end up using “delight” as a catch-all for anything that feels fun or exciting.

In this talk we’ll go over some examples of what it means to build delight into your product in a way that aligns with and boosts your company’s brand perception and also give you the tools to say “enough with the confetti already!” and come up with a better version of delight for you, your team, and your customers.

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As an award-losing product design leader, Kyle has led design teams at software companies large and small such as Etsy, Dropbox, and Slack over the past 16+ years.

Currently leading the Product Design team at Retool as Director of Product Design, Kyle specializes in creating people-centered products and teams that put people at the forefront through creating lovable brand-forward software and thoughtful internal structure that champions personal growth.

Kyle currently resides in beautiful Oakland California with their dog and partner and loves nothing more than a nice slice of pizza and a glass of wine.

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