Workshop Courses


November 3, 2022

  • 8:30 AM

    Rapid User Research & Usability Testing

    Finally get your team to see how easy it can be do to research so you can understand your users. In this workshop we'll practice user interviews and usability testing. You'll have a toolkit for doing research on your own.

    Many teams talk about doing research, but not enough teams actually do research. One main reason for this is lack of buy in from stakeholders and executives. Another reason is because research is perceived as being expense and time consuming. In this workshop, we’ll walk through the entire research process and understand how to get buy in and how to conduct smart, effective user research.

    The workshop will consist of a brief overview of why research matters so that you can have more informed discussions with team mates and colleagues who don’t buy into research. Then, we’ll take a deep dive into the research process as well as practice doing research on each other based on a mock project that you’ll learn about in the workshop.

  • 8:30 AM

    High-Performance Product and Design Playbook

    In this workshop Drew will help you build your own High-Performance Product and Design Playbook through the following...

    • Recalibrate Primary roles and responsibilities to elevate your processes, improve your agility and iterative mindset, learn and make decisions better, in harmony
    • Validate ideas and reduce business cost from Zero to One business, product and design development
    • Establish another level of intentionality and product and design impact in your business
    • Increase your team's productivity and overall wellness
    • Unlock individual and team personal development plans and connect to your higher potential
    • Elevate and develop your team's rituals, routines, and rhythms
    • Sustained productivity, performance, and leadership excellence

  • 8:30 AM

    Product Leadership Fundamentals: Find, Develop, and Keep Your Team Healthy

    You’re an experienced product practitioner who has a love of mentoring and an ambition for leadership but are not sure where to start. To make that shift you need to arm yourself with some tactical skills around building a team, developing a team, and even having the hard conversations needed to keep the team healthy. In this workshop, we will be breaking our time into focusing on these three areas, reviewing tactics and tools, and learning through doing.

    Experience Team Building 101: How to recruit, interview and identify the best person for your team. We will look at strategies for finding amazing applicants, effective ways of interviewing, and things to looks for and consider in selecting a new team member.

    Developing Your Team: Tools to develop your PMs and UX Designers, and create career paths within your organization We will look at defining what career paths exist / should exist in your company, learn to use tools that help us guide a conversation to understand the many dimensions of your team member, and practice ways to select and prioritize actionable things you can work with your team member to improve.

    Conversations: How to manage Product Managers and UX Designers who are dropping the ball. We will talk about one of the hardest and most important parts of leadership, managing team members who are dropping the ball. This is easier said than done. First, we need to understand why the ball is being dropped (system, workload, communication, soft skills, disengagement). If it is a system or workload issue, how do we co-author a solution with the team? If it is a communication or soft skills issue, how do we coach the individual? And if it is a disengagement issue, how do we have the hard conversation with our team member that they must step up or move on.

  • 1:30 PM

    Protecting Our Research from Ourselves: Optimizing Research for Creative and Empathic Decisions

    By focusing so much on what comes at the end of research: the solution, we get in the way of understanding the problems we are trying to solve.

    This class teaches more about developing a mindset of exploration and discovery before getting to solutions. Whether you’re a PM, a Designer, or a Researcher, this class will help you understand how to plan, synthesize, and share research that looks to understand user’s obstacles and leverage those insights to inspire creativity and empathy among your teams.

  • 1:30 PM

    How to Establish and Maintain a Design System

    As teams and products grow it can become complicated to maintain consistency across all properties, additionally, there is often a duplication of initial work for each product starting from scratch. By establishing and maintaining a company-wide design language and design system implementation, teams are better equipped to ensure consistency, reduce duplication of work, and improve overall design and code quality.

    .In this workshop, you will get hands-on experience with initial ideation and planning of a design system, as well as designing initial tokens, components, assets, and usage guidelines. Along the way, we'll discuss common pitfalls and pain points associated with organizing a design system and establishing it throughout a company.

  • 1:30 PM

    Be Less Wrong: Mental Models for Product Decision Making

    What features should we build? How should we implement them? When are they ready to ship?

    Decision making is central to the job of every product leader. To be great product leaders, we all want to be right in every decision we make. But this isn’t possible.

    We face too much uncertainty in our profession. Being wrong is inevitable. Furthermore, trying to be right all the time can lead us to defend our position and pre-existing beliefs.

    Instead, we should try to be wrong less often.

    This workshop will cover uncommon mental models (heuristics, frameworks, techniques, and thinking strategies) that product leaders can use to be less wrong. For each model, we’ll introduce the concept and then follow-up with case studies and exercises to practice using it to make decisions in your daily work.

November 4, 2022

  • 8:30 AM

    Removing "Luck" from Product Bets

    You have a product vision and a solid strategy for getting there, but how do you know it's the right strategy? How do you remove as much risk as possible, and make the right product investment(s)? How do you increase your odds of winning? You make calculated bets. In this workshop, I'll share what I've seen work to win.

  • 8:30 AM

    Tackle complexity with object-oriented UX

    The best time to get super-curious about all the unknown unknowns is early on in a project. But all too often, we end up brushing complex business rules and information architecture aside in the name of “low fidelity.” Unfortunately, as we avoid asking hard questions to our users, stakeholders, and developers — while designing features and screens without full context — we end up with piles of rework. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the four tough questions you should be asking early on—to make the rest of the project easier and more successful.

    • What are the important objects?
    • What are their relationships to each other?
    • What do users want to do to these objects?
    • What is the structure of each object?
    And then, you’ll learn how to answer these four questions through collaborative, structured, and super-effective exercises.

    You’ll come out of the workshop with four new facilitation and design frameworks that will help you and your team tackle complex problems with confidence:

    • Noun Foraging (define the important concepts in your system)
    • The Nested-Object Matrix (map relationships)
    • The Call-to-Action Matrix (connect actions to objects)
    • Object Mapping (build the detailed structure of your system)
    Together, these methods will give you X-ray vision into the complexity at hand, while also generating a laundry list of questions for further research.

  • 8:30 AM

    The Balance of Market Opportunities & Customer Driven Innovation

    Balancing investments between new market opportunities and innovation for existing customers can be one of the most challenging questions a business has to answer. It’s asking the age-old question, “should we go wider or should we go deeper?” Going wider increases the TAM of your product but it comes with great risk because it’s not a question of just product/market fit but of company/market fit. Going deeper satisfies your current clients but will it expand your revenue?

    The purpose of this workshop is to develop a methodology to answer this question. We will create a scorecard to help you and your team identify opportunities and risks in order to decide which investments are right for your company.

  • 1:30 PM

    Creating product vision from scratch

    So you need a product vision... now what? This workshop is all about creating product vision and strategy from the ground up. We'll talk about the different components of an effective product vision and strategy, and how to create them. You'll leave the workshop with a gameplan to create these things for your team in 2 weeks or less.

  • 1:30 PM

    Leading and operating your design org

    Whether you're a senior-level individual contributor or people manager, ensuring your teams run well is critical to get results. This workshop will be an overview on the primary responsibilities of being a coach, operator, and strategist in design leadership. We'll cover:

    As companies scale, what got you here won't get you there. In this workshop, we'll cover:

    • An overview of the primary responsibilities and functions of operating your team
    • Building operating playbook for your design orgs
    • Proactively address common org problems you'll encounter as your team evolves
    You'll come out of this workshop with best practices and an operating playbook to run and grow your design orgs.

  • 1:30 PM

    How to Craft a Winning Product Strategy in the Era of AI

    The demand for product leaders who understand AI and how to leverage it to drive an impactful business strategy is skyrocketing. In this workshop, you will learn how to evaluate AI opportunities, how to infuse AI into your roadmap, how to launch AI products, and how to maximize the impact of your AI initiatives with the minimal amount of resources. This interactive workshop will include case studies from real-world AI product roles and set you on your path to become an expert AI & data product leader.

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